Our collection

Having a long experience in working with global clientele and wishing to become the epitome of unrivalled holiday experience, Geoland Rentals & Luxury Services has set high standards in selecting the villas and the holiday homes that will nestle its guests unique vacation experience.

Our knowledgeable holiday advisors are available to hear your needs and provide the best advice not only for your holiday accommodation, but also for a holistic holiday package and concierge services, customized to meet your requirements.

Book the villa you prefer or request our suggestions, because one thing is for sure…the list does not end here.


A wonderful selection of the “crème de la crème” villas has been carefully prepared to offer you days of ultimate escape, relaxation and unwinding surrounded by all kinds of nature’s blessings. Surrender in spoiled routines our devoted associates are always happy to provide.


Vacation Rentals

For whom a villa or a hotel room is not an option, our collection also includes beautiful holiday homes overlooking the sea and stunning pristine beaches. Request your own, tailor-made package and allow yourselves a memorable holiday experience.