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Wonderful and meticulously selected villas in top destinations around Greece promise to fulfill your dreamiest holidays.

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Smaller yet very charming vacation homes joined our selection to host your most memorable holidays.

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Holidays is not just about accommodation. It's the best time to re-boost your love for life and spoil yourselves with exciting activities and self-care moments you've been long waiting for.

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Does your lust for exploring go beyond the limits of your main destination? Then tell us where you wish to go and we'll arrange for the best means to take you there.

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On holidays, yes... On hold, no... Let us plan your special occasion in the way you dream it to be honored and celebrated, no matter where you are.

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Little gems hidden in history and tradition


Famous for its traditional stone-built houses and its expanded countryside and hilltops with the spectacular views, Kranidi hosts some of the most beautiful villas of the area owned by prominent world celebrities.


A small blessing on earth


The most typical Greek scenery in the area; stone-built white houses, small fishing boats, pristine beaches, spectacular views… Everything is there to make it a “must” destination for everyone. This is Ermioni!